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Benefits of a Hybrid Heating System

February 11th, 2019

ventIf you own a heat pump, you are likely well aware of its benefits: it’s versatile, efficient, and quite effective at providing you with year-round comfort. But, what happens when it gets too cold? An electric heat pump is a great alternative for the traditional heater and air conditioner, however, in areas where temperatures drop too low for the heat pump to effectively heat the home, a hybrid heating system might be your best option.

Of course, winters here in North Carolina aren’t what our neighbors up North would call “harsh”, but temperatures have been known to drop significantly during the winter season. We believe that it is always better to be prepared, and having the right combination of HVAC systems can drastically improve your energy efficiency during a particularly cold winter season. Hybrid heating systems allow you to enjoy the efficiency of a heat pump without having to worry about energy costs when the weather becomes too extreme. Keep reading to learn more. 

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Do You Need Heat Pump Repair?

January 28th, 2019

If you own a heat pump, you are certainly aware of its benefits: it’s versatile, efficient, and highly effective at providing you with year-round comfort. This winter has been quite cold, so if you have been experiencing issues with your heat pump, it is best to schedule repairs as soon as possible.

The best way to keep your heat pump running optimally for years to come is to schedule prompt repairs. But, what if you are unsure about whether or not to pick up that phone? Well, you’ve come to the right spot. In today’s blog, we have provided a quick guide to help you determine whether or not you need repair services. In any case, you will have to contact your local HVAC technician who can pinpoint and correct any issue you may be experiencing. Keep reading below to learn more. 

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When to Call an HVAC Contractor

January 14th, 2019

call-for-serviceIt is a common misconception that the only time homeowners should reach out to their HVAC contractor is when they have an emergency, but we are here to tell you that this isn’t true! Your heater and air conditioner need regular services to keep them running efficiently and effectively. Most services that your systems require are definitely not DIY, so be sure to find a reputable contractor in your area.

Not every HVAC job does require a professional, though. For instance, changing your air filter and dusting the top of your system are things that you can do yourself. So, if you find yourself unsure as to what jobs warrant a phone call, you’re in luck. In this post, we will be discussing when to call an HVAC contractor. Keep reading to learn more. 

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Don’t Let Amateurs Service Your Heater

December 31st, 2018

Sometimes an attempt to save money can end up costing you a lot more in the long run. This is often the case when homeowners hire amateurs to service their heaters. Sure, a “quick-fix” might provide a temporary solution to your problem, but odds are, the problem itself will be left unresolved. Hiring a qualified HVAC technician is the best way to ensure that your heater issue will be properly diagnosed and corrected.

There are plenty of people willing to work on your heating system, but many don’t have the training or experience necessary to properly perform your heater services. There are many qualities that you should be looking for when you hire someone to work on your heater. Below, we have outlined a few of them.

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Early Signs That You Need Furnace Repairs

December 17th, 2018

An efficient furnace can provide you with all the warmth you desire during the winter season. Here in North Carolina, temperatures have already dropped below 55 degrees, so you’ve most likely turned your furnace on. We depend so much on our heating systems to keep ourselves and our families comfortable throughout even the chilliest of days. So, when a problem arises, you will want to contact a trained HVAC technician for furnace repair in Raleigh, NC. 

There are many tell-tale signs that suggest that your furnace is in need of repair services. Below, we have listed some of them for you. If you notice any of the following, don’t hesitate! Contact a professional before more damage occurs.

Strange Sounds

If you’ve heard strange noises coming from your furnace, it’s time for a repair. Furnaces are not inherently noisy. In fact, the only sound you should hear from your furnace is the soft whooshing of air blowing through the vents. Strange noises include:

  • Screeching: is likely a sign that the blower motor in the furnace is not working properly. This is the mechanism responsible for circulating warm air throughout the home.
  • Clanking: indicates a serious problem with the furnace’s blower wheel. If this is the case, turn your furnace off immediately and contact a professional to prevent further damage.
  • Banging: suggests a dirty blower. The noise is caused by a delay in ignition due to build-up. The gas builds up, and when it ignites, a small explosion occurs inside the furnace.
  • Rattling: could mean a cracked heat exchanger, which is a very serious and potentially dangerous problem. A cracked heat exchanger could allow carbon monoxide to leak inside the home.

Lower Heat Levels

If your furnace isn’t quite producing the amount of heat you expect, then there is likely a problem. Heat loss is indicative of several potential issues, such as clogged burners, faulty ductwork, or a lack of fuel if you use a gas furnace. In any case, a professional can restore the heat that you are used to.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is when your system turns on and off over and over again, rapidly, throughout the course of the day. Short cycling is typically caused by a lack of airflow into the furnace. This causes the furnace to overheat and shut down.

Short cycling is extremely inefficient. It takes a lot of energy for your furnace to start the heat cycle, so imagine just how much energy is used and wasted when it is constantly restarting.

Higher Heating Bills

If you’ve noticed your heat bills are higher, but you haven’t used your furnace any more than you normally do, then there is a problem somewhere within the system. When your furnace needs repair, it must work harder to do its job, thus decreasing efficiency. A lack of efficiency means paying more for heat.

If you are concerned about the well-being of your furnace, schedule repair services with Ideal Services Heating & Cooling. Our friendly technicians will accurately diagnose and fix whatever problem your furnace may face.

Contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling to get started.

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Why Is My Furnace So Noisy?

December 3rd, 2018

FurnaceHave you heard some funny noises coming from your furnace recently? This is a common complaint and, although it is quite common, it is in your best interest to know what may be causing this nuisance. We know how important it is to have a fully functioning, quiet furnace, especially during the chilly months. If your furnace is making strange sounds, it may be time for furnace repair in Chapel Hill, NC.

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HVAC Systems Should Not Run in Short Bursts

November 19th, 2018

woman-hand-headThis topic covers both heating and air conditioning systems. If your heater or air conditioner is running in short bursts, then it is short cycling. There is never a circumstance in which short cycling is normal. It is not a sign of proper function. In fact, it could mean that your system is in need of heating or air conditioning repair in Cary, NC. However, it is not always indicative of a very serious problem. So why worry about it?

Because, while your system may not break down entirely right away, and even if the issue is relatively simple to resolve, continuing to run a short cycling HVAC system is going to negatively affect that system and you in a number of different ways. The fact of the matter is that no problem with your HVAC system is ever truly “minor” enough to ignore. So let’s take a look at why systems may short cycle, and what kind of toll that may take.

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Are Late Season AC Repairs Worth It?

November 5th, 2018

old-acOne look at the weather forecast will tell you that the winter season is moving in fast. In fact, it is likely that you won’t need to use your air conditioner even once more this year. Which is perfect, because your AC wasn’t exactly working perfectly the last time that you did need to use it.  So you can just wait until next year to have it fixed, right? Well, sure you can.

And, technically, you could probably make it around the block a few times without any tires on your rims. That doesn’t mean that you’d try to do so, though. So why let your AC sit in a state of disrepair all winter?

We get it. Many homeowners would choose to ride out the rest of the summer with an AC on the edge rather than schedule late-season AC repairs. Even more would skip over out-of-season air conditioning repair in Durham, NC. We’re here to tell you that it’s in your best interest to go ahead and have them taken care of now, though.

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Prevent Problems. Schedule Heating Maintenance.

October 22nd, 2018

cold-coupleNobody likes a downer. Nobody wants to be around the person at the party that seems bent on telling them about every little thing that could go wrong. We are not at a party, though, and you are here on our blog. That means you’re looking for good, reliable information, and that information can’t all be bright and sunny. The fact of the matter is that no heater is perfect, and you are going to need to schedule heater repair in Raleigh, NC, at some point.

To put a bit more of a positive spin on things, however, today we’ll focus on what you can do to keep any such problems to a bare minimum. The answer is pretty simple. Be sure to schedule heating maintenance, and to do so each year before you put your heater back into regular rotation. Will eliminate the risk of problems entirely? No, of course not. But it is hugely beneficial in a number of ways, and you’d have to be looking for trouble to ignore all that heating maintenance can do for you!

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Don’t Overlook Late Season AC Repairs

October 8th, 2018

AC-techIt is getting late in the season to be talking about air conditioning systems much longer. Or, at least, that’s what some of you may be thinking. That does not change the fact, however,  that professional air conditioning service in Raleigh is necessary at the first sign of trouble, regardless of what time of year it may be. And, while nighttime temperatures may be dropping off into more comfortable ranges, daytime temperatures are still hot enough to warrant AC use for the time being.

That is why we are here to tell you that it really does not make sense to put off any necessary air conditioning repair needs, even if you do think that it is a bit late in the season for scheduling such services. Today, we’ll look at a few of the reasons why you don’t want to wait—even if you’re convinced that your AC can tough it out for the remainder of the cooling season. When it comes to air conditioning repairs, our professionals are the ones that you can count on to do the job right.

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