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It’s Time to Think About Your Commercial Heating System!

Monday, October 7th, 2019

service-timeIt’s that time of year again! Autumn has *officially* arrived, which means that now is the perfect time to start thinking about your commercial heater. As a business owner, you know better than anyone just how important your commercial HVAC systems are to the overall comfort and happiness of your employees and customers, so of course, you want to do everything in your power to ensure that everyone who steps foot in your commercial space is warm and toasty all season long.

There are a number of reasons to get ahead on your fall heating maintenance services, and below, we have listed a number of them for you. All you’ve got to do is keep reading to find out more (and of course, remember to contact our team when you need commercial HVAC services!)

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Are You Keeping Up with Commercial HVAC Maintenance?

Monday, March 26th, 2018

rooftop-unitsWhat type of business is conducted in your commercial property? Do you rent out housing units? Office space? Do your own business operations see their day to day management in that property? Maybe you own an eatery that has a dining area for your clientele? But it does not really matter what type of business you conduct in your commercial property. It is vital that you keep that property comfortable throughout the year for your own employees, your clients, and/or your tenants.

Of course, the heating and cooling demands of a commercial property can be staggering. How are you supposed to ensure that they are met consistently? By scheduling routine commercial  HVAC maintenance with an exceptional HVAC company in Raleigh, NC. How d0 you find such a company? Well, you’re reading this, so you already have! Be sure to schedule your commercial heating and cooling tune-ups with the qualified professionals on our team. We’ll make sure that your systems really excel.

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How Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Benefit You

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Cooling a commercial property during the hottest time of the year can really be quite challenging. Does your commercial air conditioner have what it takes to do so in the most efficient, reliable manner possible? You may think that you have your commercial cooling needs covered because you invested in a quality system and had it professionally installed. In truth, though, you must take an additional step: scheduling routine commercial air conditioning maintenance in Raleigh, NC. Our summer weather is far too hot, intense, and uncomfortable to leave anything to chance. Contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling to schedule service, and know that your commercial AC is in the most skilled of hands.

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Get Ahead with Commercial HVAC Maintenance This Spring

Friday, March 6th, 2015

As a business owner, you know how important it is to your employees and customers that the indoor environment of your business space be comfortable. We are getting closer to spring, and it won’t be long before you make the switch from heating to cooling – but is your AC ready to make the switch, too? One of the best ways to ensure that you’ll have cool air when you need it for your commercial space in Fuquay Marina is to schedule commercial HVAC spring maintenance. Maintenance is the key to keeping your HVAC system in good working order, and when trained commercial professionals, like the ones from Ideal Services Heating & Cooling, perform your commercial HVAC maintenance, you can rest assured that you will gain all the benefits maintenance has to offer.

Why Maintenance Is Important

There are many tasks that are performed during a routine maintenance appointment, but there are certain key aspects to the appointment worth noting. The first is the thorough inspection your commercial HVAC system will undergo during the appointment. This allows the technician to discover any outstanding or developing problems with your HVAC system. A second reason maintenance for your commercial HVAC system is so important is that it helps to improve energy efficiency. When your HVAC system carries the wear and tear of seasons past, its ability to perform efficiently can drop as much as 5% per year; maintenance keeps your HVAC system working up to 95% of its original energy efficiency level. Another reason spring maintenance is so important is that all the moving parts are lubricated. Lubrication is needed to keep things moving freely instead of grinding, which can be very bad for your system. Lastly, spring maintenance helps ensure that your system will be able to achieve the set temperature with ease, so you won’t have to worry about comfort issues in your commercial space.

Why bypass the chance to make your commercial HVAC system more energy efficient and better able to achieve your indoor comfort?

Call the commercial HVAC experts at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today and schedule an appointment for maintenance in Fuquay Varina!

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Signs Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Repair

Friday, February 27th, 2015

It is critical to your business to have a comfortable indoor temperature for your employees and customers alike. You count on this from your commercial HVAC system – but do you know some of the signs that can indicate that your system needs repair? It’s important to know these things so that you don’t run the risk of being without heating or cooling in your commercial space. What are some of the signs that it may be time for commercial HVAC services in Apex? Here are some tips from our Ideal Services Heating & Cooling commercial HVAC experts:

Lack of Heating or Cooling

Clearly, if your HVAC system isn’t producing any kind of warm or cool air, it will need servicing, but the same goes for reduced heating and cooling. Your commercial HVAC system was made to output a certain amount of air for your business space; if the volume of air is low, it is likely there is a repair issue at hand.

High Energy Bills

As the business owner, you know what to expect for energy bills on a seasonal basis – have your energy bills suddenly become excessively high even though you haven’t changed how you use your system? When an HVAC system is under stress for any reason, including any kind of malfunction, the system uses more energy to keep up with demand. As such, you’ll see a spike in your energy bills.

Strange Sounds

The normal operational sounds of your commercial HVAC system should be pretty low. Normal noises may include the sound of air moving through the vents or the initial sound of the system turning on. If you are hearing other sounds, such as banging, clanging, buzzing or anything else that sounds out of the ordinary, call for your commercial services expert.

Always Hire a Commercial Expert

When you see the signs that your commercial HVAC system needs repair, it’s important to hire an expert for the work – but even more importantly, it’s important to hire a commercial HVAC expert. At Ideal Services Heating & Cooling, when you call for commercial HVAC services in Apex, we send you a commercial services expert, not an HVAC generalist.

If you are seeing the signs that your business’s HVAC system needs repair, call the team at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today!

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Some Repairs Your Commercial Heating May Need

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Your commercial property may need a lot of repairs and maintenance over the years so it’s easy to let some things fall by the wayside. You or your maintenance crew may not always notice problems with the heating system as they are not always so visible to the untrained eye. Sometimes, a heater can suffer from repair needs but still give off enough heating to placate all of the people in your commercial building. But when heating capacity is reduced even slightly, it’s usually due to a broken component that may really wear on the efficiency of your unit, costing you more money to run and forcing other parts to work harder.

Your commercial heating system requires immediate repairs as soon as a problem is detected in order to prevent premature failure due to worn down parts. But you can help to prevent some of the following common repairs by scheduling maintenance every year with a trained technician for a thorough inspection of your unit.

  • Thermostat Repairs: Business owners are often surprised to learn that the thermostat may actually be responsible for their heating problems. This could be an easy fix for a trained expert, but letting it go on for too long can cause a compressor or a motor to wear out quickly.
  • Fan Problems: If you notice uneven or poor heating ability from your commercial heating system, it could be due to a faulty fan or fan motor in your forced-air heating system. Alternatively, if your commercial property has a radiant heating system that uses circulatory pumps to distribute hot water to a building, uneven or inadequate heating could be due to a broken pump, among other problems.
  • Duct Leaks: Finally, duct leaks can cause your commercial heating system to run into any number of repair needs as parts diminish while attempting to heat your home, even though much of the air never makes it to the living space.

Never ignore a problem with your commercial heating season, even if you continue to feel heat on your property. Any problem has the potential to develop into something worse. A small noise can indicate a leak that leads to severe energy loss and failing parts, and even a lose screw can cause a large unit to struggle.

Talk to the experts at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling to learn how you can maintain your commercial heating in Apex, NC.

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When to Call for Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Fuquay Varina

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

If you own or manage a commercial property, you know how important the air conditioning system is for the comfort and happiness of your tenants, customers, clients, and/or employees. Without a functioning system capable of servicing your entire building, you’re bound to hear about it, so you know to take care of the problem immediately when your system simply won’t turn on. However, you may prevent this from occurring by knowing when to call for maintenance, repairs, or replacement. So how can you tell if you need commercial air conditioning services in Fuquay Varina, NC?


If it’s been a while since an air conditioning technician has examined your system, it may be time for commercial air conditioning maintenance. You should schedule maintenance at least once a year to help your system run smoothly for the cooling season. During maintenance, a technician will clean, inspect, and adjust components of your commercial air conditioning system, reducing the risk of sudden problems, increasing the efficiency of the unit for the cooling season, and, possibly, extending its lifespan.


If you manage a busy property, you may not notice sudden problems until you’re contacted by someone in the building. If you or an occupant notices any problem with the performance of your system, it’s time to call for professional commercial HVAC repairs. This includes unusual noises, increased bills, or reduced cooling capacity. Furthermore, be sure to call an AC technician experienced with commercial air conditioning systems, as these larger units may be less familiar to residential technicians.


As a property owner, it may be difficult to tell whether a problem with your air conditioner indicates a need for repairs or replacement. If you’ve needed to call for repairs frequently in recent years, especially if your air conditioning system is several years old, it may be time for replacement. However, your best bet may be to talk with an air conditioning technician.

Your air conditioning system is one of the most important conveniences on your commercial property, so you should call experts who are trained on large commercial systems. If you need commercial HVAC services in Fuquay Varina, NC, call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today!

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Is Commercial Geothermal Installation an Option for My Company?

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

The most common way to heat and cool a commercial building is through the efficient performance of packaged rooftop units. These systems do an excellent job of providing the level of heating and cooling necessary to keep workers, customers, and clients comfortable no matter the time of year—provided they received correct and professional installation and regular maintenance service.

Rooftop units are not the only option for commercial comfort, however. Your business might benefit from the high-efficiency and reliability of a geothermal system. Going geothermal also means going green, which is one of the reasons that these systems have started to gain popularity in the commercial world.

Will a geothermal system work for your business? It’s a hard question to answer, unless you seek the assistance of specialists in commercial HVAC installation in Raleigh, NC. Not all commercial HVAC companies offer geothermal services, but Ideal Services Heating & Cooling does. Contact us today for an appointment about the possibilities for a geothermal system for your business.

Some Geothermal Basics

Like packaged rooftop heat pumps, geothermal HVAC systems provide both heating and cooling. In fact, they essentially are heat pumps, except that instead of using the outdoor air as a medium for heat exchange, they use the stable temperature of the earth 6–10 feet below the frost line. A series of ground loops carrying refrigerant (water or a water-antifreeze solution) travel through the earth at this depth to harness the heat power. Because the temperature at this point in the ground remains around 54°F no matter the topside weather, geothermal heat pumps never need to struggle to extract or deposit heat, and this makes them 300–600% more efficient than standard heat pumps used for businesses.

Geothermal systems use a renewable and clean heat source, and they also have reduced greenhouse gas emissions compared to other HVAC systems because they use water for refrigerant instead of chemical blends like R-410A. Geothermal heat pumps offer a cost-effective way to make your company environmentally friendly.

As you can tell from this description, geothermal systems need a significant amount of room to operate: the loops must have sufficient space and depth to do their job. Most commercial systems use a vertical loop configuration that places the loops straight down so to use the least amount of space possible. This makes commercial geothermal installation available for more companies, but you will need a professional to determine if putting in a ground-source heat pump is worthwhile.

Contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling for geothermal assessment and installation. If it turns out that a geothermal heat pump is the #1 choice for your business, trust to our staff to handle the necessary drilling and loop placement work so that your commercial HVAC installation in Raleigh, NC will go fast and smoothly.

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How to Make Commercial Air Conditioning Systems More Efficient

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

When you run a business, you keep a sharp look out on finances to make sure that there aren’t any unnecessary expenses that might negatively affect it. One common area where companies end up spending more than they should is for air conditioning; it isn’t something that people often think of in the “expenses” column, but during a hot summer in Raleigh, NC, commercial air conditioning can quickly add up to large electrical costs.

And, chances are, the air conditioning expenses for your commercial AC are higher than they should be.

What can you do to make your business’ AC costs lower? You can start with a call to Ideal Services Heating & Cooling to have a talk with our commercial HVAC specialists. They have many years of experience and training in helping businesses in the Raleigh Triangle Area receive the best performance from their heating and cooling systems.

The first piece of advice that they our technicians will give you is to schedule regular maintenance for your air conditioner, and to continue to have maintenance done for it every year (preferably during the spring). With a thousand other things vying for your attention, it’s easy to let maintenance for the AC slip away; but a professional company will make it simple to keep you up-to-date with inspections and tune-ups.

Maintenance is essential to receive energy-saving performance from your AC. It only takes a year without it for a commercial system to lose 5% of its efficiency—and that is already quite an uptick in costs. After only four years without maintenance, you’ll pay a fifth more for air conditioning than you did before—and probably for lower-quality air conditioning. Add onto that the higher chance of needing to schedule repairs, and you can lose a good deal of money for an air conditioning system that doesn’t have routine maintenance.

Another way to heighten energy efficiency for the system is to install a new thermostat control system. If you’ve used the same set of thermostats for years, they are likely behind the times and missing important features that will increase precision and efficiency. If you bring in commercial HVAC professionals to look over your thermostats and electrical system, they can advise you about places where new installation will save you money.

Our professionals at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling can take care of the maintenance for your Raleigh, NC commercial HVAC systems with minimal disruption in the comfort for your building. Let us help you start saving money and give us a call today.

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Do I Need Specialists for My Commercial Air Conditioning Repair?

Friday, July 4th, 2014

Try to imagine a summer in Cary, NC inside your office, store, or wherever you run your business. You can hear the hum of the commercial AC working to keep everyone inside cooled down. Now, imagine that hum vanishing and the air conditioner shutting off, the airflow from the vents dying away or turning warm. The damp heat from outside starts to work its way through the walls and windows.

It isn’t an attractive vision of a work day, is it? But this can happen if you don’t have specialists in repairs for commercial air conditioning in Cary, NC assisting you.

When you need help with a malfunctioning commercial AC, don’t call up just anyone to tinker with the system. This task calls for experts trained on commercial HVAC. Call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling, where we offer 24/7 emergency services that will take care of your company’s air conditioning woes.

Why You Need Specialists for This Work

Commercial air conditioning systems have some significant differences from residential ones, and they require specialized training when it comes to repair work. For one, these commercial air conditioners are more extensive and must see to the needs of numerous people. For another, they have different configurations; where most home air conditioners are split systems with interior and exterior cabinets, business air conditioners are “package” units that house the condenser and evaporator array in a single cabinet, usually placed up on the roof. Without proper training and experience, it is difficult for anyone who works on residential systems to repair problems with commercial systems.

There is also the issue of the zone control that most businesses use for air conditioning: a complex series of dampers in the ventilation system hooked up to multiple thermostats. These go far beyond home comfort controls in their complexity, and they need repairs much different from the ones for home systems.

Finally, you simply can’t risk your business’ comfort—an essential part of it running smoothly—to people who do not have the training that encompasses the job they need to do. Think of your own hiring practices, and how you make an effort to find employees with the capability to do the work at the level you need. Place those same expectations on the men and women you hire to guard your company’s environment.

Ideal Services Heating & Cooling has over 20 years of experience with commercial HVAC repair services in the greater Raleigh Triangle Area. Don’t trust your commercial air conditioning or any other HVAC services in Cary, NC to amateurs or companies that lack the years of hands-on work that he have. Make us your first call when the heat starts to hit hard and your AC is struggling to handle it.

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