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Signs That You Need Commercial HVAC Repair

Friday, June 27th, 2014

During a warm and humid summer in North Carolina, keeping your business cooled down with a commercial air conditioning system is a top priority. If your AC begins to falter or show signs that it is headed for a breakdown, you need to act fast and call a contractor who offers 24-hour emergency repair service for businesses. The same applies during the winter as well; you can’t afford to let an uncomfortable environment harm your company’s productivity.

Not all signs that you need repair for your commercial HVAC in Cary, NC will be as obvious as an air conditioner suddenly failing, however. Look for some of these more subtle signs that you need to call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling for repairs. The sooner you act, the more likely you can avoid more expensive repairs, and the less likely you will be caught by a sudden breakdown.

Indicators That It’s Time to Call for Commercial HVAC Repair

  • Extremely noisy operation: Most commercial HVAC systems are packaged units located on the rooftop, which helps remove the noise of the air conditioner and heater from the workspace. However, if you start to hear unusual sounds coming through the vents, such as mechanical grinding and screeching, or clanging and striking sounds like loose parts, then they are a strong caution sign that something is going wrong that needs immediate repair attention. When you hear employees mention odd and disruptive noises they haven’t heard before coming through the vents and ceilings, it’s something you should have investigated.
  • Strange smells from the vents: Although rotten vent odors can sometimes indicate animals have entered a building’s ductwork, the smell of acrid burning usually warns that the rooftop unit is experiencing trouble with it motors and they are burning out. It can also indicate a dust infestation inside the ventilation. Whatever the source, it isn’t something that should be occurring and you need to call for professional to see to the issue right away.
  • Uneven temperatures: Pay close attention to complaints from employees or customers/clients that rooms feel too hot or too cold. If adjusting the thermostats never seems to address these complaints, it may warn that the HVAC system is malfunctioning, or there are problems with the thermostat controls. A variety of issues could be at fault, so you will need experienced professionals to look into the trouble and find the best repair solution.

Only call for repairs from technicians with experience working in commercial HVAC in Cary, NC. You can trust to the skill of the Ideal Services Heating & Cooling commercial repair team. We’ve served the greater Raleigh Triangle Area for over 20 years now. Contact us today to set up an appointment with our team of qualified HVAC technicians.

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Common Commercial HVAC Repairs

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Whether it’s in your home or your place of business, you need to have your heating and cooling system working in top condition to keep you comfortable and prevent energy waste. But where HVAC troubles in your home will mean inconvenience for a few people, when the HVAC system in a commercial space need repairs, it means discomfort for a larger number of people, a drop in work productivity, and a possible loss of revenue. When your commercial HVAC in Raleigh, NC needs repairs, don’t wait a moment longer than you need to: call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling and talk to our commercial specialists. We are ready 24 hours a day to restore your company’s comfort.

There are some similarities between commercial and residential HVAC repair services, but not many. The extent of commercial air conditioning and heating, and the unusual configurations (such as rooftop package units), make them the domain of specialists trained in these systems. You can’t just rely on residential repair technicians to tackle the job. Here are a few of the common commercial repairs that need trained technicians familiar with heating and cooling a business:

Fixing the Thermostat Systems and Zone Control

Businesses need more than one control panel to operate their larger HVAC systems, and they also must worry about creating individual comfort for more people. Because of this, the thermostats are more complex for commercial HVAC and often need repairs to restore their connections to the air conditioner/heater or to each other. Most HVAC for businesses use zone control—the ability to conditioned different rooms independent of each other—and sometimes the dampers in the ventilation system and the thermostats that control them need repairs.

Repairing Damage to the Fan

The standard for commercial HVAC systems is the rooftop package unit, which combines all the components necessary into a single cabinet instead of split across indoor and outdoor units. The location on the roof keeps the cabinet away from human damage, but it is still exposed to the weather. This can lead to damage to the fans inside the system due to debris infiltration, and this will affect both air flow and heating and cooling. Technicians will need to open up the rooftop unit and repair or replace the fans.

Recharging Refrigerant

Refrigerant loss will cause severe problems to an HVAC system, preventing it from properly absorbing or releasing heat. Technicians must use pressure sensors to discover where refrigerant it leaking from the system, and then seal the leak and supply the right level of the correct blend of refrigerant to restore the system to proper operation. Too much or too little added refrigerant can lead to serious issues, so make sure that you have technicians on the job familiar with commercial units.

Please don’t jeopardize your company and employees with amateur work on your HVAC system, or by hiring technicians who aren’t familiar with commercial comfort technology. Instead, call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling, where we take pride in the services we provide for commercial HVAC in Raleigh, NC.

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3 Distinct Characteristics of Commercial HVAC Systems

Friday, June 13th, 2014

A commercial air conditioning system operates according to the same basic principles as residential systems – usually circulating refrigeration through a system that alternately expands and compresses it – but differs remarkably in specifics. Commercial systems need to support a much larger space than residential systems, as well as adjusting to accommodate different businesses with different loads. Accordingly, commercial HVAC in Apex, NC has a number of unique aspects, which require specialized skills to address. Here are 3 distinct characteristics of commercial HVAC systems.

  • Modular. Most commercial systems utilize multiple separate units, each sized the same and each contributing to the overall air conditioning needs of the building or office. The modular system allows building managers to add or subtract units as necessity demands, all without having to alter the larger structure of the systems.
  • Rooftop placement. Similarly, most commercial systems appear on the rooftops of their buildings. This is largely for reasons of space efficiency. Air conditioners need to vent hot air into the outdoors. Placing them inside means running cumbersome venting systems through the building, while putting them on the ground can take up space better used for parking and shipping concerns. Rooftop placement cuts through all that, and also allows repair technicians to reach them with a minimum of fuss and bother.
  • Durability. Along those lines, commercial air conditioning systems need to be able to withstand all manner of meteorological extremes, from high heat to snowstorms. Their units tend to be strongly built and comparatively simple, which makes them resistant to most anything Mother Nature can dream up. They need to be because of the rooftop placement: a spot that makes them vulnerable to the weather.

These distinct characteristics make for very different repair problems, and experts skilled at residential AC repair may not be able to deal with the problems of your commercial system. That’s why repairs for commercial HVAC in Apex, NC should be brought to the experts at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling. We have the training and know-how to deal with the specific issues of these systems, and we’re dedicated to doing the job right the first time, every time. Pick up the phone today and give us a call today!

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How Commercial Air Conditioning Differs from Residential Air Conditioning

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Proper air conditioning for a business is a necessity for any part of the country, but it is especially crucial in a city like Raleigh, where we endure humid and hot summers. Air conditioning not only cools down buildings, it absorbs moisture during the evaporation phase and lowers humidity, providing a pleasant environment for employees, customers, and clients.

Commercial ACs require special consideration for installation, repairs, and maintenance because they have significant differences from residential ACs. For your business’ comfort and efficiency, you must have commercial air conditioning specialists in Raleigh, NC care for the equipment.

Ideal Services Heating & Cooling has helped companies in the Raleigh Triangle Area for more than two decades, so trust us to handle all your commercial cooling needs.

Commercial vs. Residential Air Conditioning

The major difference between cooling a commercial space and cooling a home is the amount of power necessary. Businesses not only (usually) take up more space than homes, but they must provide comfort for more people. Since the human body gives off heat, commercial ACs must be sized to overcome the extra heat from the people in a workspace, both employees and customers. Sizing an air conditioner for a commercial space takes a special level of technical skill so that the installed system provides the right level of BTUs for cooling without draining power or short-cycling. Larger businesses will often require multiple air conditioners to handle the cooling load.

Although residential ACs usually come in standard central units hooked up to ducts, with the condenser placed outdoors and the evaporator indoors in the garage or basement, the most common kind of commercial air conditioner is a rooftop package unit that combines heating and cooling. These rooftop systems make sure that businesses make maximum use of space and reduce their exposure to the heating and cooling systems’ noisy operation. The single cabinets also make it easier for a technician to access the system for repairs. These package units are different from most home units, and even with easy access, they are more complicated to maintain and repair.

Commercial systems usually need complex zoning with multiple thermostats to control the temperature in different parts of the building. This helps save on energy by reducing the need to cool certain areas regularly, like storage spaces. Homes have started to establish zoning as well, although not at the same amount as commercial systems.

Finally, commercial air conditioning requires a more extensive drainage system than a single condensate pan. The amount of use calls for multiple pans and drainage pipes to ensure that the water from the evaporation phase does not overflow the pans.

Hire the best commercial AC technicians you can

Don’t rely on an air conditioning contractor with limited experience on commercial units. Installation, maintenance, and repairs go beyond what experience on residential systems can teach a technician. For the commercial air conditioning in Raleigh, NC that will keep your business cool, call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today. If you’re looking for residential AC repairs in Raleigh, NC or the surrounding area, we’re also your trusted choice!

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Experiencing These Issues with Your Commercial HVAC System? Then You May Need Repairs…

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

If you run a business and/or operate a retail space, comfort levels are a surprisingly important part of your operations. A commercial HVAC system needs to keep your employees and customers comfortable. It means that workers will be happier doing their job and customers will want to revisit the space again. When problems develop with the system, they need to be repaired quickly, lest it end up costing you business (and making your employees less happy in their work in the bargain). Commercial HVAC repair services in Raleigh can help alleviate those problems, but they can’t help if you can’t spot the signs of trouble early on.

Experiencing these issues with your commercial HVAC System? Then you may need repairs.

Problems can take on any number of forms, and stem from countless core problems. The symptoms, however, can be focused down to a few common denominators, which are fairly easy to spot. The first is reduced heat or coldness. If your system takes longer than it should to condition the air, or if the temperature of the circulated air feels more “lukewarm” than it should, there’s likely a problem. The second sign is reduced airflow: that is, the air not circulating as quickly as it normally does. This can also include situations where the HVAC system won’t turn on at all (which is obviously a problem). The third and final sign is a spike in your monthly utility bill. If the system is working harder to do its job than normal, it may not show any overt signs, but if you haven’t been running it more than the standard amount, a higher bill is definitely signs of a problem.

If you’re experiencing these issues with your commercial HVAC system, then you may need repairs. The experts at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling work throughout Raleigh NC, Commercial HVAC repair is among our regular services, and we understand the unique problems that businesses face when dealing with such issues. Pick up the phone and give us a call today or schedule a service online today. You’ll be glad that you did!

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