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Get Ahead of Summer Heat with a Maintenance Appointment for Your Ductless Cooling System

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Winter’s chill is finally starting to exit our area, and while we still have cool nights, it won’t be long before you’ll be switching on the AC. One of the most frustrating experiences any homeowner can have is switching on the heating or cooling only to find that it isn’t working. And of course, this typically happens on the hottest or coldest day thus far. A great way to avoid this scenario and get ready for summer heat is to schedule your ductless cooling system for maintenance with your Ideal Services Heating & Cooling specialist. How does maintenance help get your ready for the warm season? We’ll explain more below.

Better Energy Efficiency

One of the benefits of owning a ductless AC system is the energy efficiency the system offers. However, your system won’t be as efficient as you expect it to be if you operate it with last year’s wear and tear. During your maintenance appointment, the technician will clean, adjust and lubricate the various components in your ductless system, including the blowers. This allows the system to work optimally, which helps the system maintain its high energy efficiency.

Prevents Repairs

Maintenance helps prevent repairs in the following ways:

  • The thorough inspection
  • Cleaning, adjusting and lubricating

The thorough inspection allows the technician to discover any existing or developing problems, and manage them before they can become big issues. Additionally, small repair issues like frayed wiring and loose fan belts are attended to before they can blossom into larger problems. The cleaning, adjusting and lubrication removes any dirt and dust that have accumulated on the components; dirt and dust can interfere with instrumentation and cause malfunction. Lubrication is very important for moving parts; lack of lubrication can cause parts to grind, especially if they are covered in dirt and dust.

Extends Life of the System

It isn’t hard to prematurely age your air conditioning system, and maintenance helps avoid this. How? Maintenance keeps your AC system in good working order year after year, which helps increase longevity.

Don’t be stuck without cooling on our first hot day because of a lack of maintenance.

Call the AC professionals at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling and schedule your ductless air conditioning system in Raleigh for maintenance.

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Why Is It Important to Schedule Maintenance for Your Ductless AC?

Friday, March 13th, 2015

Ductless air conditioners have become a very popular choice with homeowners, and for good reasons. They are easy to install, don’t require ductwork and can bring cool air to any room to which you add an indoor blower. Sometimes people mistakenly believe that because a ductless system is set up somewhat differently from a traditional ducted AC system that ductless AC’s in Holly Springs don’t need a tune-up. The truth is that ductless air conditioners operate in a very similar fashion to traditional split-system ACs, so your ductless air conditioning system should be scheduled for maintenance at least once a year. As we head toward spring, now is the ideal time to schedule maintenance for your AC, and the air conditioning experts at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling are ready to help!

Why Is Maintenance Important?

When an electro-mechanical system like an air conditioner isn’t maintained, the wear and tear of the previous season carries into the next one. Excess wear and tear can affect how components work, and even lead to malfunction and potential break down. Additionally, dirt and dust will accumulate season after season, and nothing gums up a system better than a heavy layer of combined dust and dirt. Maintenance is a full tune-up of your air conditioning system, from the outdoor unit to each and every blower. During a maintenance appointment, not only will your outdoor unit and each blower be cleaned, they’ll also be lubricated as needed, and if any components have shifted and need adjusting, the technician will handle this. Each blower has a filter, condensate line and a refrigerant line, so all these items will be checked, and the technician will also test the performance of the system and each blower. So what can you and your system gain from a routine maintenance appointment? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Better energy efficiency
  • Improved comfort
  • Prevention of potential repairs
  • Extend life of the equipment

Any work done to your ductless AC system should always be handled by an expert, so if you need to get your ductless AC system in Holly Springs a tune-up to be ready for this summer, call us today!

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Get Ahead with Commercial HVAC Maintenance This Spring

Friday, March 6th, 2015

As a business owner, you know how important it is to your employees and customers that the indoor environment of your business space be comfortable. We are getting closer to spring, and it won’t be long before you make the switch from heating to cooling – but is your AC ready to make the switch, too? One of the best ways to ensure that you’ll have cool air when you need it for your commercial space in Fuquay Marina is to schedule commercial HVAC spring maintenance. Maintenance is the key to keeping your HVAC system in good working order, and when trained commercial professionals, like the ones from Ideal Services Heating & Cooling, perform your commercial HVAC maintenance, you can rest assured that you will gain all the benefits maintenance has to offer.

Why Maintenance Is Important

There are many tasks that are performed during a routine maintenance appointment, but there are certain key aspects to the appointment worth noting. The first is the thorough inspection your commercial HVAC system will undergo during the appointment. This allows the technician to discover any outstanding or developing problems with your HVAC system. A second reason maintenance for your commercial HVAC system is so important is that it helps to improve energy efficiency. When your HVAC system carries the wear and tear of seasons past, its ability to perform efficiently can drop as much as 5% per year; maintenance keeps your HVAC system working up to 95% of its original energy efficiency level. Another reason spring maintenance is so important is that all the moving parts are lubricated. Lubrication is needed to keep things moving freely instead of grinding, which can be very bad for your system. Lastly, spring maintenance helps ensure that your system will be able to achieve the set temperature with ease, so you won’t have to worry about comfort issues in your commercial space.

Why bypass the chance to make your commercial HVAC system more energy efficient and better able to achieve your indoor comfort?

Call the commercial HVAC experts at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today and schedule an appointment for maintenance in Fuquay Varina!

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