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Don’t Forget About These Ductless Repairs This Winter

It seems like not that long ago we were reminding you to get your ductless system geared up for summer! Well, guess what? Now is the time to start thinking about your system all over again!

Because you use your ductless system all year round, it is quite prone to repairs, which is why we are here to help! Below, we have listed some of the repairs unique to ductless systems, that way, you’ll know precisely when to call for help. So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to find out more (and remember to call us when you need heating repair in Raleigh, NC.)

Water Leaks

Each of your wall-mounted air handlers has a series of connections routed through a hole behind them. These connections include a power line, a refrigerant line, and a condensate line. The condensate line is responsible for removing water from the cooling process so that it doesn’t enter your home. However, these lines may leak, and if they do, water will start to collect between the back of the air handler and the wall.

If this issue isn’t addressed right away, your wall material may begin to weaken, causing the air handler to rip away and fall to the floor. Not only will you have to replace the broken air handler, but you will also have to deal with the cost of repairing your wall. So, if you notice any signs of water near your air handler, be sure to contact a professional ASAP.

Broken Air Handlers

Occasionally, you may find that one of your air handlers have stopped working properly. This can be due to any number of things, including a failed motor, an electrical issue, or even a damaged fan. When your air handler isn’t working as it should, it can definitely make that area of your home feel quite uncomfortable… but, there is good news!

When one of your air handlers stops working, the rest of the air handlers in your home will continue to run. This means that you can simply go to another room in your house to warm during the winter!

Refrigerant Leaks

Yes, a refrigerant leak is a common issue faced by all types of air conditioning systems, however, ductless systems are a little more vulnerable, as they’ve simply got more refrigerant lines running through them. Therefore, it is important to be on the lookout for signs of a refrigerant leak to avoid a full-system breakdown. These signs include:

  • A loss of cooling or heating power
  • A frozen evaporator coil
  • Strange hissing sounds

Call in a Professional ASAP!

If you suspect your ductless system is in need of repairs, do not hesitate to call in a certified HVAC professional. Only a professional has the tools, knowledge, and expertise to safely and correctly handle the complex needs of your system, the first time around. Trust us, when it comes to your comfort and your budget, you don’t want to take any risks.

Schedule your ductless repairs with the team at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today.

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