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Are You Keeping Up with Commercial HVAC Maintenance?

Monday, March 26th, 2018

rooftop-unitsWhat type of business is conducted in your commercial property? Do you rent out housing units? Office space? Do your own business operations see their day to day management in that property? Maybe you own an eatery that has a dining area for your clientele? But it does not really matter what type of business you conduct in your commercial property. It is vital that you keep that property comfortable throughout the year for your own employees, your clients, and/or your tenants.

Of course, the heating and cooling demands of a commercial property can be staggering. How are you supposed to ensure that they are met consistently? By scheduling routine commercial  HVAC maintenance with an exceptional HVAC company in Raleigh, NC. How d0 you find such a company? Well, you’re reading this, so you already have! Be sure to schedule your commercial heating and cooling tune-ups with the qualified professionals on our team. We’ll make sure that your systems really excel.

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How Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Benefit You

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Cooling a commercial property during the hottest time of the year can really be quite challenging. Does your commercial air conditioner have what it takes to do so in the most efficient, reliable manner possible? You may think that you have your commercial cooling needs covered because you invested in a quality system and had it professionally installed. In truth, though, you must take an additional step: scheduling routine commercial air conditioning maintenance in Raleigh, NC. Our summer weather is far too hot, intense, and uncomfortable to leave anything to chance. Contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling to schedule service, and know that your commercial AC is in the most skilled of hands.

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When to Call for Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Fuquay Varina

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

If you own or manage a commercial property, you know how important the air conditioning system is for the comfort and happiness of your tenants, customers, clients, and/or employees. Without a functioning system capable of servicing your entire building, you’re bound to hear about it, so you know to take care of the problem immediately when your system simply won’t turn on. However, you may prevent this from occurring by knowing when to call for maintenance, repairs, or replacement. So how can you tell if you need commercial air conditioning services in Fuquay Varina, NC?


If it’s been a while since an air conditioning technician has examined your system, it may be time for commercial air conditioning maintenance. You should schedule maintenance at least once a year to help your system run smoothly for the cooling season. During maintenance, a technician will clean, inspect, and adjust components of your commercial air conditioning system, reducing the risk of sudden problems, increasing the efficiency of the unit for the cooling season, and, possibly, extending its lifespan.


If you manage a busy property, you may not notice sudden problems until you’re contacted by someone in the building. If you or an occupant notices any problem with the performance of your system, it’s time to call for professional commercial HVAC repairs. This includes unusual noises, increased bills, or reduced cooling capacity. Furthermore, be sure to call an AC technician experienced with commercial air conditioning systems, as these larger units may be less familiar to residential technicians.


As a property owner, it may be difficult to tell whether a problem with your air conditioner indicates a need for repairs or replacement. If you’ve needed to call for repairs frequently in recent years, especially if your air conditioning system is several years old, it may be time for replacement. However, your best bet may be to talk with an air conditioning technician.

Your air conditioning system is one of the most important conveniences on your commercial property, so you should call experts who are trained on large commercial systems. If you need commercial HVAC services in Fuquay Varina, NC, call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today!

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How to Make Commercial Air Conditioning Systems More Efficient

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

When you run a business, you keep a sharp look out on finances to make sure that there aren’t any unnecessary expenses that might negatively affect it. One common area where companies end up spending more than they should is for air conditioning; it isn’t something that people often think of in the “expenses” column, but during a hot summer in Raleigh, NC, commercial air conditioning can quickly add up to large electrical costs.

And, chances are, the air conditioning expenses for your commercial AC are higher than they should be.

What can you do to make your business’ AC costs lower? You can start with a call to Ideal Services Heating & Cooling to have a talk with our commercial HVAC specialists. They have many years of experience and training in helping businesses in the Raleigh Triangle Area receive the best performance from their heating and cooling systems.

The first piece of advice that they our technicians will give you is to schedule regular maintenance for your air conditioner, and to continue to have maintenance done for it every year (preferably during the spring). With a thousand other things vying for your attention, it’s easy to let maintenance for the AC slip away; but a professional company will make it simple to keep you up-to-date with inspections and tune-ups.

Maintenance is essential to receive energy-saving performance from your AC. It only takes a year without it for a commercial system to lose 5% of its efficiency—and that is already quite an uptick in costs. After only four years without maintenance, you’ll pay a fifth more for air conditioning than you did before—and probably for lower-quality air conditioning. Add onto that the higher chance of needing to schedule repairs, and you can lose a good deal of money for an air conditioning system that doesn’t have routine maintenance.

Another way to heighten energy efficiency for the system is to install a new thermostat control system. If you’ve used the same set of thermostats for years, they are likely behind the times and missing important features that will increase precision and efficiency. If you bring in commercial HVAC professionals to look over your thermostats and electrical system, they can advise you about places where new installation will save you money.

Our professionals at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling can take care of the maintenance for your Raleigh, NC commercial HVAC systems with minimal disruption in the comfort for your building. Let us help you start saving money and give us a call today.

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Do I Need Specialists for My Commercial Air Conditioning Repair?

Friday, July 4th, 2014

Try to imagine a summer in Cary, NC inside your office, store, or wherever you run your business. You can hear the hum of the commercial AC working to keep everyone inside cooled down. Now, imagine that hum vanishing and the air conditioner shutting off, the airflow from the vents dying away or turning warm. The damp heat from outside starts to work its way through the walls and windows.

It isn’t an attractive vision of a work day, is it? But this can happen if you don’t have specialists in repairs for commercial air conditioning in Cary, NC assisting you.

When you need help with a malfunctioning commercial AC, don’t call up just anyone to tinker with the system. This task calls for experts trained on commercial HVAC. Call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling, where we offer 24/7 emergency services that will take care of your company’s air conditioning woes.

Why You Need Specialists for This Work

Commercial air conditioning systems have some significant differences from residential ones, and they require specialized training when it comes to repair work. For one, these commercial air conditioners are more extensive and must see to the needs of numerous people. For another, they have different configurations; where most home air conditioners are split systems with interior and exterior cabinets, business air conditioners are “package” units that house the condenser and evaporator array in a single cabinet, usually placed up on the roof. Without proper training and experience, it is difficult for anyone who works on residential systems to repair problems with commercial systems.

There is also the issue of the zone control that most businesses use for air conditioning: a complex series of dampers in the ventilation system hooked up to multiple thermostats. These go far beyond home comfort controls in their complexity, and they need repairs much different from the ones for home systems.

Finally, you simply can’t risk your business’ comfort—an essential part of it running smoothly—to people who do not have the training that encompasses the job they need to do. Think of your own hiring practices, and how you make an effort to find employees with the capability to do the work at the level you need. Place those same expectations on the men and women you hire to guard your company’s environment.

Ideal Services Heating & Cooling has over 20 years of experience with commercial HVAC repair services in the greater Raleigh Triangle Area. Don’t trust your commercial air conditioning or any other HVAC services in Cary, NC to amateurs or companies that lack the years of hands-on work that he have. Make us your first call when the heat starts to hit hard and your AC is struggling to handle it.

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How Commercial Air Conditioning Differs from Residential Air Conditioning

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Proper air conditioning for a business is a necessity for any part of the country, but it is especially crucial in a city like Raleigh, where we endure humid and hot summers. Air conditioning not only cools down buildings, it absorbs moisture during the evaporation phase and lowers humidity, providing a pleasant environment for employees, customers, and clients.

Commercial ACs require special consideration for installation, repairs, and maintenance because they have significant differences from residential ACs. For your business’ comfort and efficiency, you must have commercial air conditioning specialists in Raleigh, NC care for the equipment.

Ideal Services Heating & Cooling has helped companies in the Raleigh Triangle Area for more than two decades, so trust us to handle all your commercial cooling needs.

Commercial vs. Residential Air Conditioning

The major difference between cooling a commercial space and cooling a home is the amount of power necessary. Businesses not only (usually) take up more space than homes, but they must provide comfort for more people. Since the human body gives off heat, commercial ACs must be sized to overcome the extra heat from the people in a workspace, both employees and customers. Sizing an air conditioner for a commercial space takes a special level of technical skill so that the installed system provides the right level of BTUs for cooling without draining power or short-cycling. Larger businesses will often require multiple air conditioners to handle the cooling load.

Although residential ACs usually come in standard central units hooked up to ducts, with the condenser placed outdoors and the evaporator indoors in the garage or basement, the most common kind of commercial air conditioner is a rooftop package unit that combines heating and cooling. These rooftop systems make sure that businesses make maximum use of space and reduce their exposure to the heating and cooling systems’ noisy operation. The single cabinets also make it easier for a technician to access the system for repairs. These package units are different from most home units, and even with easy access, they are more complicated to maintain and repair.

Commercial systems usually need complex zoning with multiple thermostats to control the temperature in different parts of the building. This helps save on energy by reducing the need to cool certain areas regularly, like storage spaces. Homes have started to establish zoning as well, although not at the same amount as commercial systems.

Finally, commercial air conditioning requires a more extensive drainage system than a single condensate pan. The amount of use calls for multiple pans and drainage pipes to ensure that the water from the evaporation phase does not overflow the pans.

Hire the best commercial AC technicians you can

Don’t rely on an air conditioning contractor with limited experience on commercial units. Installation, maintenance, and repairs go beyond what experience on residential systems can teach a technician. For the commercial air conditioning in Raleigh, NC that will keep your business cool, call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today. If you’re looking for residential AC repairs in Raleigh, NC or the surrounding area, we’re also your trusted choice!

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