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Late-Season Furnace Repairs to be Wary of

Monday, March 9th, 2020

A mistake that many homeowners make when it comes to their furnaces is that they forget about taking care of the system as the summer rolls in. You might not need the heating system to keep you toasty until winter comes around again, but we recommend taking one good look at the furnace for the last time.

There are several late-season furnace repairs that you should know, so they don’t catch you by surprise when you need to start using it again. To make sure you don’t miss these maintenance requirements, we’ve highlighted a few of the most important ones. Be sure to contact us to schedule our services for heating in Apex, NC, so we can address the problems on time.

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Don’t Ignore These Crazy Furnace Noises!

Monday, January 27th, 2020

The furnace in your home could be one of your most valuable investments when the winter comes. When it works improperly, it can create some strange noises.

While many sounds, like little pops or humming, are normal as furnaces run, there are some sounds you should not hear. If you start hearing some crazy furnace noises, you might need to call in someone for furnace repairs in Durham, NC.

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No, Your Furnace Should Not Be Blowing Cool Air

Monday, December 16th, 2019

Consider the situation. As fall gives way to the first morning of cold winter, you turn on your furnace, and it starts blowing out cold air. Instead of the warm relief you were expecting, the furnace is blasting the cold winds of winter in your face. That is a troubling sign because you did not pay all that money to install another air conditioner, right?

If your furnace is not blowing cozy and warm air, there is definitely something wrong with your unit, and you need to call in a team of furnace repair experts to sort out the problem. You might still be wondering why it’s blowing the cold air in the first place.

Furnace Problems that Lead to Cold Air

There is a wide range of reasons why your furnace might be blowing cold air. Some of these are relatively easily resolved. Others are more complex in nature. Either way, you want a qualified professional on the job. From furnace problems to thermostat issues, here are the common reasons why it’s happening.

Thermostat Issues

If you are lucky, you might not have a furnace problem at all. Sometimes, a faulty thermostat can lead to a malfunctioning furnace. If your thermostat is not working properly, it can have trouble regulating the furnace’s temperature and cause the furnace to blow unheated air.

Combustion or Heating Element Problems

If you have an electric furnace, there is a chance the furnace’s heating element might have burnt out or broken down. You might need to have a professional come in to replace the heating element with a new one. Gas-powered furnaces can face issues with the burner responsible for heating the air and need repairs.

Leaking Ductwork

If there is nothing wrong with the thermostat or the heating element, the ductwork might have a leak somewhere. Depending on where the breach is, the warm air can leak from the system and result in the flow of cold air instead. Fortunately, a furnace repair expert in Raleigh can identify the source of the problem and repair it quickly.

Always Call in the Professionals

If your furnace is blowing cold air instead of making your home cozy and warm, you should not wait long and call in the professionals. You might feel tempted to take on the repairs yourself, but an expert has all the tools, training, and experience to recognize the faults and perform repairs safely. The furnace is not something you can play around with. If you end up messing with the complex system, there is a chance you can do more harm than good.

You might also find several technicians offering you their services for a very low price. It can be a significant risk if you let an unskilled professional open up your furnace.

Contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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Uh-Oh! Is My Furnace on the Fritz?

Monday, October 21st, 2019

What do you do when your furnace stops working? When the weather gets cold, the last thing you want is a malfunctioning furnace. The unit is responsible for providing you the comfortable, warm indoor temperatures that protect you from the unforgiving cold. However, your furnace might remain off for half a year. It can get damaged without you noticing anything until the time to use it comes around.

Instead of waiting till it gets unbearably cold, you should schedule furnace repairs in Apex, NC, before the winds of winter arrive.

Signs You Need Furnace Repairs

Check your furnace and look for any potential problems with the unit before the season starts. Some of the signs your furnace needs repairs can include:

Higher Bills

One of the signs that your furnace needs repairs is a higher bill. If your furnace is working properly, but your bill is unusually high, the chances are that it is not working optimally. It could be using more fuel to keep your house warm. The high bills are a sign that there is some problem with your furnace, causing it to work harder than it should have to so it can regulate the temperature.

Cooler Temperatures

The most obvious sign that your furnace needs repairs is that it is not doing the job you bought it for. If your furnace is not heating your home properly, it could mean various problems. It could be anything from a malfunctioning thermostat to leaking ductwork.


If your furnace turns on and off constantly without regulating the temperature, it is short-cycling. There are several reasons your furnace might be short-cycling. Have a professional come in and take a look at what is the exact problem leading to short-cycling. Constantly turning on and off can cause a lot of strain to the system and lead to more expensive repairs later on.

Strange Sounds

Furnaces are not totally silent appliances. However, there are some noises you can immediately recognize to be strange for a furnace. Pay attention to your furnace, and if you hear strange sounds like whistling or squealing, there could be fan or belt issues. Banging and groaning noises could be because of loose internal parts.

Weird Odors

One of the signs your furnace needs repairs is that it has strange smells when you turn it on. Most furnaces that run on natural gas can smell like gas when you turn them on, but it dissipates very quickly as it runs.

However, if you notice a strong smell of fuel around the unit or a burning odor, there can be several issues with the furnace. It could be a gas leak or even excessive dust within the unit. Call in a professional to inspect it and fix the issue because any leaks can be dangerous for you and your family.

Contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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Early Signs That You Need Furnace Repairs

Monday, December 17th, 2018

An efficient furnace can provide you with all the warmth you desire during the winter season. Here in North Carolina, temperatures have already dropped below 55 degrees, so you’ve most likely turned your furnace on. We depend so much on our heating systems to keep ourselves and our families comfortable throughout even the chilliest of days. So, when a problem arises, you will want to contact a trained HVAC technician for furnace repair in Raleigh, NC. 

There are many tell-tale signs that suggest that your furnace is in need of repair services. Below, we have listed some of them for you. If you notice any of the following, don’t hesitate! Contact a professional before more damage occurs.

Strange Sounds

If you’ve heard strange noises coming from your furnace, it’s time for a repair. Furnaces are not inherently noisy. In fact, the only sound you should hear from your furnace is the soft whooshing of air blowing through the vents. Strange noises include:

  • Screeching: is likely a sign that the blower motor in the furnace is not working properly. This is the mechanism responsible for circulating warm air throughout the home.
  • Clanking: indicates a serious problem with the furnace’s blower wheel. If this is the case, turn your furnace off immediately and contact a professional to prevent further damage.
  • Banging: suggests a dirty blower. The noise is caused by a delay in ignition due to build-up. The gas builds up, and when it ignites, a small explosion occurs inside the furnace.
  • Rattling: could mean a cracked heat exchanger, which is a very serious and potentially dangerous problem. A cracked heat exchanger could allow carbon monoxide to leak inside the home.

Lower Heat Levels

If your furnace isn’t quite producing the amount of heat you expect, then there is likely a problem. Heat loss is indicative of several potential issues, such as clogged burners, faulty ductwork, or a lack of fuel if you use a gas furnace. In any case, a professional can restore the heat that you are used to.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is when your system turns on and off over and over again, rapidly, throughout the course of the day. Short cycling is typically caused by a lack of airflow into the furnace. This causes the furnace to overheat and shut down.

Short cycling is extremely inefficient. It takes a lot of energy for your furnace to start the heat cycle, so imagine just how much energy is used and wasted when it is constantly restarting.

Higher Heating Bills

If you’ve noticed your heat bills are higher, but you haven’t used your furnace any more than you normally do, then there is a problem somewhere within the system. When your furnace needs repair, it must work harder to do its job, thus decreasing efficiency. A lack of efficiency means paying more for heat.

If you are concerned about the well-being of your furnace, schedule repair services with Ideal Services Heating & Cooling. Our friendly technicians will accurately diagnose and fix whatever problem your furnace may face.

Contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling to get started.

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Why Is My Furnace So Noisy?

Monday, December 3rd, 2018

FurnaceHave you heard some funny noises coming from your furnace recently? This is a common complaint and, although it is quite common, it is in your best interest to know what may be causing this nuisance. We know how important it is to have a fully functioning, quiet furnace, especially during the chilly months. If your furnace is making strange sounds, it may be time for furnace repair in Chapel Hill, NC.

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3 Common Furnace Repairs

Monday, January 15th, 2018

couple-on-couchWhile our winters may lack a bit of the punch that they pack up in Vermont or Minnesota, they still get plenty cold enough to cause some serious discomfort for homeowners throughout the area. Our air conditioning systems may get more time on the playing field, but when your heater is called up to bat, it really needs to be ready to jump right into action. That is why ignoring the need for furnace repair in Cary, NC is such a bad idea.

Sure, there are problems that you may encounter with your furnace that are not going to render the system inoperable right away. However, the fact of the matter is that any problem with your heater, no matter how “minor” you may think that it is, can do serious damage if given the opportunity. Today, we’re going to talk about some common furnace problems, and what may need to be done in order to resolve them.

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Why Does My Furnace Keep Shutting On and Off?

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

As popular as the furnace is, you may think that this type of heating system is perfect. As we know, though, here in the real world nothing is truly perfect. Even as great a heating system as the furnace can run into operational problems from time to time.

A furnace that keeps shutting on and off is one of the most common issues that homeowners may encounter with their furnaces. There are quite a few reasons as to why this may happen. It may not be terribly serious, actually, but you should always schedule prompt service to protect your furnace in Holly Springs, NC.

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Should I Be Concerned About a Burning Odor?

Monday, February 8th, 2016

When you run your heater, you should not hear it making excessive noise, nor should see particles blowing out of your vents and registers. Furthermore, you definitely should not be able to smell your heater as it operates. If you notice a burning odor as your heater runs, then you may have a very serious problem on your hands. There are, as with most heating problems, many potential causes of any such burning odor. Only a professional heating technician can figure out precisely what’s gone wrong in your situation. As soon as you suspect the need for any heating repairs in Cary, NC, contact a member of our team.

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3 Issues Solved by Electric Furnace Repair

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Unlike a gas furnace, the electric furnace uses coils heated by electricity to warm the air in your home. Although often thought of as expensive, electric furnaces have a number of advantages over gas models, including quiet operation and low maintenance cost thanks to fewer moving parts. But like any other appliance, they still suffer from breakdowns and other issues from time to time. In Apex, furnace repair services can often correct those problems when they crop up, which can be a big relief to homeowners trying to stay warm on a chilly night. Here are 3 issues solved by our electric furnace repair service.

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