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Why Your Heater Makes That Noise

Monday, March 8th, 2021

Every time you turn your heater on now, you feel like you need to get your ear plugs ready too. Your heater is loud. You could even describe it as noisy too. There are some sounds that you’ve heard before, they just seem to be amplified now. Others are just completely new, disruptive, and odd. Any sound that you’re hearing that’s outside of the realm of what you’re used to is what a troubling sign.

These are all the signs that you need heating repairs in Morrisville, NC. We’re specially trained to hear any sound that’s off in your home, spot the source of the issue, and help you fix it too. We care about your home, your comfort, and your energy bills too.

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All About Buying a New Furnace

Monday, June 17th, 2019

Since most furnaces have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, you are probably buying a furnace after many years, or are investing in it for the very first time. In either case, you probably do not have enough knowledge to buy the right furnace.

There are so many factors to consider when buying a new furnace—size, type, ratings, efficiency, etc. A lot of forethought and careful planning is needed to make the right choice. Luckily for you, this guide includes some useful tips from the experts that you can help you narrow down your search, find the ideal furnace for your place, and perform furnace installation in Morrisville, NC.

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Preparing Your Home for a New Furnace

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Chances are good that you’ve had your current furnace for many years, and so when it comes time to replace it with a new unit, it may be the first time you’ve ever needed to deal with a new installation. (Yes, furnaces are durable and will last a long time with proper maintenance!) So the prospect might seem a bit intimidating, and you won’t feel certain about what to do. We’ll offer you some help in this post to make your new furnace replacement in Morrisville, NC go as smoothly as possible.

If you have any further questions about furnace installation, or if you want to schedule your new installation now, call up the knowledgeable technicians at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling. We’ve done many furnace installations in our more than 20 years of service.

Some Ways to Prepare for Your Furnace Installation

First, make sure you have professional and qualified installers to handle the main job—and have them onboard before you select the new furnace. Furnace installation is difficult and arduous work that must be performed with precision and care, so don’t trust this task to amateurs (and certainly don’t attempt it yourself). The installers will help pick and size a unit that will do the best job possible for your home.

For the actual installation, you should set aside a full day for the job. Most likely it will take less time than that, but different factors—such as how it takes to remove your current furnace—will affect how long the process takes.

Clear out the workspace around the furnace before the installers arrive. Since furnaces are usually located in the basement, you may have to clean stored items out of the general areas so the installers have room to work (and can consequently do a faster and better job). You should also clear out the area that leads to the furnace. Professional installers will do their best to avoid damaging your home and belongings, but keep in mind that heavy pieces of equipment will move through this area, and you want to make sure that the region is safe and nothing valuable might receive damage from accidents.

You won’t need to worry about protecting the carpets and floors, however: if you have hired professionals, they will use drop cloths to protect the regions where they work

This is the extent of what you need to do. Otherwise, relax and let the experts take it from here.

At Ideal Services Heating & Cooling, we take pride in our home heating installation services. It’s one of the reasons we’ve been in business so long. For a furnace replacement and other needed heating service in Morrisville, NC, put your trust in us.

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How to Maintain Your Heat Pump at the End of the Heating Season

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

In regards to heat pumps, Morrisville NC residents tend to know what they’re talking about. Our comparatively mild climate makes heat pump technology an attractive alternative to more traditional forms of heating: combining the functions of a heater and an air conditioner into a single unit. They use less energy than forced-air furnaces and tend to save you money over the long run. We have more than our share of heat pumps here. But like most appliances, they require periodic upkeep in order to function at their best. And the end of winter is one of the most important times of the year for this. Here’s how to maintain your heat pump at the end of heating season.

Start by replacing the air filter with a fresh one. Air filters are designed to be replaceable as the dust and dirt slowly build up on their surface. They keep the rest of the heat pump clean, but if they’re not periodically changed, the dust will build up regardless. Some air filters are designed to be cleaned and put back rather than flat-out replaced, but regardless, the end of heating season makes an ideal period to address the issue.

Then there’s the question to refrigerant levels. Heat pumps rely on refrigerant gas to do their jobs, and while the gas theoretically moves through a closed system leaks are inevitable. Gas levels are designed to be set as a certain specific point. When they drop, the heat pump’s efficiency goes with it. A trained technician can track down the leak and recharge refrigerant levels to their current position. You can spot signs of low refrigerant by looking for ice forming on the evaporator coils, a sure sign that something is wrong.

The best way to maintain your heat pump and the end of the heating season is to schedule a routine service call from the experts at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling. We can take care of all the steps needed to maintain your heat pump and ensure that it’s in top shape before cooling season starts. In matters of heat pumps or other heating services in Morrisville, NC, residents shouldn’t have to depend on unreliable help. Call us today and we’ll make sure your system stays up to speed!

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3 Things to Consider When Having a Heat Pump Installed

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

In North Carolina, we have the full range of seasons: warm summers and snowy winters. To equip your home for all weather conditions, a heat pump is one of the best options, since it provides both heating and cooling.

If you are thinking about scheduling a heat pump installation in Morrisville, NC, here are three things you should consider. You can talk to our heating specialists at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling for assistance.

1. Should you use ducts or opt for a ductless mini split system?

If you already have ducts installed in your home, then you won’t have to worry here: the heat pump will hook up to your pre-existing ductwork. However, if your home does not have ducts, or if you are building a new home, you will have to make a choice between installing ducts or using a ductless mini split system, which is a heat pump that uses multiple indoor blower units instead of a central unit connected to ducts. In most cases, it is an easier choice to go with a ductless mini split, but consult with the installers regarding the two options.

2. How powerful and large a heat pump should you get?

The easy—and incorrect—answer is: “As powerful as you can get.” The truth is that a heat pump that is either too small or too large present serious problems. The undersized heater will leave your home with cold spots, while the oversized heater will reach its temperature goal so fast that it will shut off early before completing its cycle, draining energy from continual starts and stops. The ideal sized heater is something your installer can determine using a heat load calculation. Trust to the experts to help you with correctly sizing your system.

3. Should you have a hybrid installed?

Heat pumps do come with one major caution: in extreme cold where the temperature drops below freezing, they can begin to struggle removing adequate amounts of heat from the outdoor air to provide a comfortable indoor temperature. There is a solution, however: a hybrid system that combines the heat pump with a backup furnace that runs on a different fuel source. The backup will come on when the heat pump begins to have difficulty. Hybrid systems do not carry too steep an additional cost to operate because the backup system will only need to run occasionally.

Ideal Services Heating & Cooling has provided quality heat pump installation in Morrisville, NC and all the greater Raleigh Triangle Area for more than two decades. We only install the top brands and models, and our experienced staff will make sure you have a smooth installation that will leave you with great heating and cooling for many years.

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