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Has the Time Come for Water Heater Repairs?

Monday, December 21st, 2015

We use a lot of electronics and appliances in order to keep our homes comfortable and our lives convenient. In terms of usage, the water heater in your home is certainly one of the hardest-working appliances therein. Next time you are running the dishwasher, doing the laundry, and/or relaxing with a nice, hot bath or shower, remember that it is your water heater that you have to thank for those luxuries. With this in mind, you should also remember how important it is to keep your water heater in great working order. Routine maintenance will help to prevent problems from developing, but no water heater is perfect. If and when something goes wrong with yours, remember to schedule your water heater repairs in Holly Springs, NC with us. Ideal Services Heating & Cooling is sure to get the job done right.

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3 Signs That You Need Water Heater Repair

Monday, May 25th, 2015

To say that modern homeowners are able to live with greater convenience than ever before is a massive understatement. Between paying our bills online, even from our phones, automated dishwashers, washing machines, sprinkler systems, and all of the other modern luxuries that we enjoy, it is hard to complain about the inconveniences that we face in our daily routine. When, for instance, was the last time that you had to build a fire over which to heat water for a shower? Never, we’re guessing. You just may find yourself considering such archaic measures, though, if you fail to schedule prompt water heater repair services in Raleigh, NC. Contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today if you suspect that there is a problem with your water heater. 

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Fuquay Varina Water Heater Repair FAQ: Can My Rusted Unit Be Repaired?

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

When there’s a rust stain on your bathtub, in the kitchen sink, or even on your clothes, you may be able to remove the stain with specialized cleaning agents and a little bit of elbow grease. But when rust appears on a metal surface, the solution is not so easy. Unfortunately, if rust forms on your water heater, there may be no easy way to correct the problem. A rusted water heater tank generally needs replacement. However, if only a small component has rusted, you may still have time to call a technician for water heater repair in Fuquay Varina. So when is rust a death sentence for your unit?

When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Rusted Water Heater

You turn on a hot water tap in your home only to discover rust-colored flakes have invaded your bathtub. This can be quite an ordeal for the average homeowner, as it often means your older water heater simply cannot go on any longer. Unfortunately, when rust begins to build up in a tank, the iron oxide reaction that takes place can cause the tank to corrode. This means that water can leak into your home, requiring cleanup and removal which will be a far more difficult situation than a standard replacement. When you notice rust on the outside of your unit, or if a technician confirms that the inside is beginning to rust, it’s most likely time for replacement.

When a Water Heater Is Still Salvageable

However, there is a component inside of your water heater that is meant to help your storage tank water heater resist rust throughout its lifespan. This component is called the anode rod, and is sometimes affectionately deemed the sacrificial anode rod. This part is meant to attract the corrosive elements that cause a tank to rust in the first place. A technician can easily remove and replace the anode rod if the rust from your faucet is simply present because the anode rod has rusted through. Additionally, it may be possible to replace other small parts of your water heater if only those have begun to rust.

Don’t panic when you notice rust from your faucets during a hot shower. We’ll give you an honest assessment of the condition of your water heater and recommend replacement only when necessary.

Call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling for fast and reliable water heater repair in Fuquay Varina.

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Some Reasons for Strange Noises from Your Water Heater

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Your storage tank water heater helps you perform the tasks you need every day, including washing dishes, cleaning floors, showering, laundry, and even simply washing your hands. So if your water heater suddenly stops producing hot water, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise. That’s why you should call a technician when you notice any unusual performance from your water heater such as reduced heating, discolored water, or strange noises.

In today’s post, we would like to help you identify strange noises from your water heater with this guide. When you need experienced professionals for water heater repair in Apex, NC, call the experts at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling.

  • Water drips onto the burner. You may hear a sizzling sound from your water heater if water outside of your unit drips onto the burner. This can cause some reduced heat as water may be unable to heat up fast enough with an impaired burner. This issue could just be due to some condensation forming outside of the tank. However, a professional can determine whether there are leaks in your tank, and if this is due to damaging corrosion.
  • Sediment rumbles in the tank. Hard water is a condition in many homes in which the water has a high concentration of minerals containing magnesium or calcium. This may not cause problems for your health but it could affect pipes and fixtures such as the water heater. Sediment gathers and rumbles around in the tank, leading you to hear clanking noises, and this sediment may even clog the pipes. A professional can drain the tank properly and assess your unit for further damage.
  • The pressure in the tank is too high. The pressure relief valve helps to monitor and regulate the temperature inside of the tank, which should be kept within a certain range at all times. If water is leaking from the pressure relief valve or if you hear the sound of rushing water within the tank, it may mean that you need to replace the valve. Alternatively, it could mean that scale inside the tank has increased the pressure, and this sometimes leads to water heater replacement.

One way to prevent these problems from occurring is by scheduling regular maintenance with a technician. A technician can clean, inspect, and adjust components of your unit to keep everything working in an ideal condition.

For professional water heater repair in Apex, NC, call the friendly folks at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today! You’ll be glad you did. 

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Water Heater Repair: The Dip Tube

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

The most common type of water heater found in homes is the storage tank water heater. When properly sized and installed, this unit can be an efficient and reliable source of hot water throughout your home. And while innovations such as hybrid water heaters and tankless units provide alternative options to the storage tank, this unit remains popular in part because of its generally lower cost. And this low cost is possible because of its simple design which relies on natural processes for operation.

One of the important components of the storage tank water heater is the dip tube. However, this component may run into problems at some point in the life of your system which could require urgent repairs. To learn more about the dip tube, refer to our short guide. For water heater repair in Cary, NC, call on the professionals at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling.

The Role of the Dip Tube

The dip tube allows cold water from your water line into the tank. This tube is made of plastic and is nearly as long as the tank portion of your unit. Water comes in through the top of the tank and through the dip tube, which leads all the way to the bottom. Here, there is an electric heating element or gas burner that heats the water. Then, the heat rising process allows the heated water to rise above the denser cold water, so it can move through a smaller tube at the top of the tank whenever hot water is needed.

What Can Go Wrong

However, the dip tube may be prone to cracking or breaking apart. Cracks in the tube can mean that small amounts of cool water leak into your tank, so that you feel occasional bursts of cold water during a hot shower. A broken tube will be even worse, leaving your system extremely ineffective. Broken plastic parts can also clog your tank or block the faucet aerators in your home.

Don’t go without enough hot water for any longer. If you need professional water heater repair in Cary, NC, call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling right away!

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Signs Your Water Heater May Need Repairs

Friday, January 31st, 2014

The greatest thing since indoor plumbing is heated indoor plumbing: a steady supply of hot water makes it easier to keep clean, cook, and wash clothes. To protect your hot water supply, you need to keep your water heater in excellent repair. At the first sign of a malfunction, you need to call for professional repairs. Otherwise, you risk an abrupt breakdown.

Here are some signs that you need to call up a water heater service in Chapel Hill, NC immediately. For top-level repair from professionals, contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling any time of the day or night.

Warning Signs It’s Time for Water Heater Repair

  • Rusty water: You’re probably familiar with the sight of rusty water coming from your faucets after you’ve returned from vacation. This dissipates within minutes. But if this rusty color starts to appear during regular use of hot water, then corrosion has started to infiltrate your water heater, probably because the anode rod designed to prevent corrosion has rusted through. This requires immediate attention, since too much rust will require replacing the whole water heater tank.
  • Inconsistent or low levels of hot water: Your daily patterns will lead you to expect a certain amount of hot water throughout the day. If you notice a disruption in the pattern—losing hot water at unusual times, or water that isn’t reaching its regular temperature—then there is probably an issue with the water heater, such as a failed heating element (for an electric heater) or a gas flow problem (for a gas heater). Call for professional repairs right away to look into it.
  • An increase in your power bills: A malfunctioning water heater will drain power in order to meet its target level of heat. This drain will appear on your energy bills. If you notice any increase in your bills that you cannot account for through a change in your water use, it might indicate a repair need in your water heater.
  • You notice leaking around the tank: Water heaters shouldn’t leak at all, and if you see wet spots or pools of water around the water heater’s tank, don’t wait to call for professionals.

Loss of hot water is a major inconvenience that can disrupt your life almost as much as a power-outage or the loss or your HVAC system. With the help of a professional heating repair service in Chapel Hill, NC, you should be able to stop a full breakdown and prevent your bills from rising any higher. Ideal Services Heating & Cooling is ready to repair your water heater whenever you think it needs the service of experts.

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